Lasater Ranch is home to Predator Friendly, Grass Fed and Finished Beef which get no hormones or antibiotics in the course of raising them! They would get treated if sick of course! Since it is an environmentally friendly operation and the operation essentially treats their ranch as a wildlife reserve as much as they can, I was interested in collecting some water form the Ranch! This is the results from examining the water sample!!!

I collected the water on July 24, 2004! The sample was collected about noon! The Lasater Ranch lies in Elbert County near and in the town of Matheson Colorado! There appears to have been a lot of rain this year and there were pools of water all over the Elbert County as well as a few others near Elbert! We all know what that breeds! And although I did not see any mosquitoes on the ranch that day! Larvae was in the water sample as well as in all the pools of water I stopped by in the county! Seeing this condition and knowing most streams are dried up in that area, at this time of year, I was determined to take water from a stream bed that held water. And I did find such a small stream bed on the Lasater Ranch, North of Matheson, right next to Highway 149 Pic! Highway 149 runs through the Ranch and can been seen on the map below! The vegetation in the body of water showed that it was not aquatic and was therefore inundated recently by the pooling water in the area! The stream bed came to the road where I collected it; but I could see that cattle grazed the area near the stream! The Ranch uses the Allan Savory concept of rotational grazing by using paddocks of various sizes! I did not see any overgrazed areas!

The water I collected was about a foot deep and covered a lot of terrestrial plants which were all still green! The water was fairly clear for grazed areas with just some murkiness to it! The PH was 6.5, the Ammonia and Nitrate levels were not measurable with the pond kit! The oxygen level was 2 mg/L and the salt content again was very low!!!

The Lasater Ranch Web Site!!!

A Map of Matheson Colorado! The Ranch seems to be all over the place!

Pictures of the Area I took water from on the Lasater Ranch!!!!

38.84 Kb
139.30 Kb
135.12 Kb
48.96 Kb

Findings from the Microscope at Various days from the Lasater Ranch!!

Findings from Day 2 and 3 from the Lasater Water Sample!!!

Findings from Day 8 from the Lasater Water Sample!!!

Findings from Day Nineteen from the Lasater Water Sample - Two Pages!!!

Findings from Day Forty-Three from the Lasater Water Sample!!!

Findings from Day 66 from the Lasater Water Sample!!!

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